When Do You Need Commercial Pizza Oven Repair in Portland, Oregon?


A commercial pizza oven is an important aspect of any restaurant and it’s imperative to make sure that your commercial pizza oven works well. Your commercial kitchen should operate efficiently to get rid of any food-related delays that can result in a major loss in business.

Therefore, you have to address commercial pizza oven related issues as soon as they happen to keep your business up and running without any further problems. Here are a few common signs you should consider to schedule  commercial pizza oven repair in Portland, Oregon :

Pizza Oven Repair

When the oven is not heating up properly

When the commercial oven is not heating up properly, it may be due to the faulty thermostat. If you’re using a gas oven, you should check the igniter to ensure that it’s working well. Besides that, check whether the electric elements are glowing.

Again, if you’re using a commercial oven be sure to check one of the burners to know whether they’re receiving the gas. If the electric oven elements don’t have any light, you should schedule professional commercial pizza oven repair in Portland, Oregon.

When the pilot light doesn’t switch on

If the pilot light keeps switching off, it may be due to a faulty safety valve or thermocouple. You will need to get in touch with expert contractor specializing commercial appliance repair in Portland, Oregon.

Your commercial appliance repair contractor will address this issue with speed and confidence. They will replace the broken thermocouple or safety valve. In some of the ovens, the thermocouple is connected to the safety valve which means the entire safety valve needs to be replaced.

Again, if your oven pilot light keeps switching on and off, consider reaching out to a professional repair service.

When the oven is not heating at the right temperature

If your oven is taking more time than usual to cook food, you may need to contact the  commercial pizza oven repair  experts. An oven may fail to attain the preferred temperature because of a faulty sensor that causes the oven to heat to an incorrect temperature.

If the temperature sensor touches the oven wall, it may cause the oven to improperly heat itself. Your commercial appliance repair technician will check whether the sensor touches the oven wall and recalibrates the sensor to make sure that it works really well.

When the commercial pizza oven is cooking food unevenly

If you find that your food is cooked better in one area over another, call the commercial appliance repair team to check on your oven right away. Uneven cooking can occur when heating elements or temperature sensors are not functioning properly.

If you’ve replaced the thermostat of your oven, it may cause food to cook unevenly. The thermostat comes with capillary that has clips for holding the bulb into place. If it’s not placed well, the oven will cook food unevenly. Your commercial pizza oven repair professional will come to you and fix the issues as soon as possible.

When the oven doesn’t turn on

Check whether your commercial oven is receiving adequate power. Check for a broken wire if the oven doesn’t switch on. Call the commercial pizza oven repair expert and let them diagnose the oven. The oven may have a faulty thermal fuse, preventing the oven from switching on.

Final Consideration

When it comes to  commercial appliance repair in Portland, Oregon , you should contact Rox Services as soon as possible. We have the experience and expertise to handle commercial oven repair requirements proficiently. For immediate help, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at (503) 509-2026 .

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