Does Your Ice Machine Need Repair? 5 Signs To Look Out For


Throughout Portland, every commercial kitchen depends on an ice maker to some extent. Customers love ice. It is mixed in the drinks and used to chill ingredients. There is no such thing as a functional commercial kitchen with a non-functional ice machine.

Ice Machine Repair

If you think your machine might be in need of a repair, take a look at these warning signs to be sure.


The clearest indication that your ice machine needs repair is leakages. When a leakage develops on the machine’s exterior, pools of water accumulate under the appliance. If you don’t take care of it promptly, an exterior leakage can trigger damage to the baseboards or floorboards. An interior leak could form ice cubes which can cause fast wear and tear on your machine.

Half-frozen ice cubes

If you are noticing that your ice cubes are not freezing properly, your compressor could be to blame. When the compressors don’t function properly, the machine may produce uncontrollable heat. Higher heat leads to slush instead of ice cubes.

Reduced output

The most tell-tale sign that you need  ice machine repair  is a drop in the number of ice cubes your machine produces. If you’re noticing that you are running out of ice more frequently or you’re having to reach lower and lower into the bin to get fresh ice, you could have an issue with your ice machine.

Bad taste

Since ice is used in so many dishes and beverages in a restaurant, it is important your machine produces clean ice. When the ice you are serving tastes bad or has a foul smell, it can ruin the customer’s entire experience. Regardless of how delicious, no soda or cocktail can mask the negative impact of bad-tasting ice.

Louder noises

You should be familiar with the sounds that your machine makes. If it starts to produce more sound than normal, consider having an expert inspect it before your appliance breaks down completely.

If your machine requires prompt repair, come to Rox Services. We specialize in  commercial foodservice equipment repair  and we will make sure that your ice machine issues will soon be a thing of the past. Call us now to find out how we can help with our commercial appliance repair services .

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