Why Isn’t My Commercial Refrigerator Unit Cold Enough?


A commercial refrigerator is not necessarily broken, even if it is not cooling properly. There are several reasons why this may happen. And, there are a few things you must check to fix the issue before heading to a commercial restaurant equipment repair service.

Refrigrater Repair

The door:

It may sound silly, but if your refrigerator isn’t cooling , the first thing you must check is the door itself. Are you closing the door properly every time you open it? Are you making sure you aren’t keeping it open for too long?

If your answer is yes to these questions, there are a couple of things to check. The elastic strips around the door of the refrigerator can get damaged by wear and tear over time. That damage might lead to open spaces around the door. Even when it seems closed, and cold air can escape through the gaps. It is also a wise idea to inspect the hinges on the door. If the hingers are damaged, the door may not align correctly.

commercial refrigerator repair


If you’re overfilling your commercial refrigerator, it might make it difficult for the air to circulate correctly. Even if it feels cold when you open the door, that cold air might not distribute evenly inside the unit. There may be boxes obstructing vents or fans. For premium airflow, there must be 3 to 6 inches of space between each item.

Furthermore, pressing your refrigeration unit against a wall or close to other equipment might cause airflow issues. There must be ample air for the refrigerating unit to discharge the warm air and draw in ambient air from outside.

Mechanical components:

The way your refrigerating unit knows how regulate its internal temperature is through the thermostat. Without a thermostat, the unit won’t know what temperature to stay at. To see if this is the problem, use a thermometer to manually check. If the number on the thermostat and thermometer are different, there’s probably a problem. If the numbers are drastically different, it could be two things. First, you may have an issue with the thermostat. Second, you might have to ensure the gauge is not hindered by anything inside the system. If you are facing any issues with your commercial refrigerating unit, schedule commercial restaurant equipment repair from Rox Services. We know that your restaurant depends on your refrigerator heavily, and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency commercial appliance repair services in Oregon .

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