The Value Of Local Commercial Kitchen Repair


When you own and operate a restaurant or other food-serving business, you know the profit margin is slim. Investing in the right commercial kitchen appliances to serve your businesses specific needs is a crucial step for providing the best service to your customers. What happens when one of your appliances breaks down?

A broken down machine can lead to delays in the kitchen, and at times completely shut down operation. Replacing a machine is expensive, and often times unnecessary. Choosing a local commercial kitchen repair service can save you money in the long run, and ensure your business can operate.

local commercial kitchen repair

Why choose local commercial kitchen repair services

The last year has been difficult for those in the food service industry. Changing pandemic-related restrictions have forced businesses to quickly adapt to new ways of operating. The last thing these businesses should be worried about is equipment failure preventing them from serving customers. At Rox Services, a local commercial kitchen repair service , we pride ourselves in quick and efficient repairs. As a small, local business ourself, we understand the unique challenges that local restaurants face. It has become especially important over the last year to support local restaurants and food service businesses. Our goal is to provide the best local commercial kitchen repair service in the Portland, Oregon, area and help our neighbors continue to serve happy customers.

Repairs and maintenance save money in the long run

If you own your own business, you want to be sure you are making wise financial decisions. One way to protect your investments is to regularly repair and maintain your commercial kitchen equipment. Repairing and maintaining your current equipment can lengthen its lifespan. A new commercial kitchen refrigerator, for instance, can cost between $1,000 to $8,000, and many have lifespans between 10 to 15 years.

Replacing a malfunctioning oven might not make financial sense for your business, and often times doesn’t need to happen as long as you can get a technician to diagnose the problem. While scheduling a repair service, take the time to schedule maintenance services for your other appliances as well. Quick tune-ups on other appliances could end up saving you money down the road. As machines age, they require more care and maintenance to operate at their peak. When the kitchen is busy and all appliances are being used heavily, break downs occur more frequently. Regular maintenance can prevent this.


Installations made easy

Let’s say you’re starting a new business, or it’s simply time to upgrade to a new commercial kitchen appliance, Rox Service has installations covered. In addition to being highly trained in repairs, our technicians make installations a breeze for business owners. Our quick turnaround guarantees that your business can be up and operating in as little time as it takes for the new equipment to arrive. As a local commercial kitchen repair service, we’re on call to remedy any problem in the Portland, Oregon, area. Take the guess work out of installations and let professionals put your mind at ease.

Choose Rox Services to support a local businesses that supports other local businesses. Call to schedule service today at 503-509-2026 or request service online .

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