Reliable Ice Machine Maintenance And Commercial Appliance Repair in Portland, Oregon


Do you have a new restaurant, bar or food store in Portland, Oregon, or have you re-remodeled your existing food supply store? Proper functioning of commercial appliances, like ice machines, are the essence of a successful business. Even the best ice machine or commercial appliance cannot perform to specifications unless it is adequately maintained. It can threaten to cause damages to your work environments and clientele level. Ice machine maintenance is one of the most important ways to ensure satisfied diners. At Rox Services, our technical expertise ensures that every ice machine and commercial appliances will operate at its peak performance.

Ice Machine Repair

We are the premier ice machine, and other commercial  food equipment, repair company in Portland, Oregon . At Rox Services, we have partnered with the top kitchens, bars, and restaurants in the Portland, Oregon, area to keep their food equipment at peak performance. We know this equipment is one of the most significant business investments, and it can wear out with time and regular use. Broken equipment lead to interruption and delays. In other words, broken equipment can lead to a loss of profit. For commercial kitchens, bars, and restaurants, this kind of disruption is unacceptable. Luckily, we at Rox Services can help you protect your business.

We help you get control of your commercial appliances and eliminate the problems. We believe in keeping your machines running and helping you meet your business goals. You can trust us to arrive at your restaurant, bar, or business quickly. We have  ice machine repair servicemen in Portland, Oregon , on standby and often dispatch many of our techs within the hour to help you. Here’s how we do that:

Big picture thinking

Our highly trained commercial appliance technicians understand the industry. We listen to your needs and prioritize the problems to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. In business, time is money and at Rox Services we understand how valuable speedy repair jobs are for busy kitchens. Whether it is appliance repair, or ice machine maintenance for instance, our technicians know how to diagnose and treat every problem. We always focus on identifying the root cause of any issue and making sure it’s solved within the same day.

Reliable repairs

We employ the best technicians in the industry. Our staff work at a high performance level and we guarantee we’ll get the job done. All of our team members are certified and undergo extensive training focused on commercial equipment. We handle a variety of repairs and are familiar with a full range of brands and models, including products from other countries. Also, we keep many of the necessary spare parts so we can cut down the time it takes to get machines back up and operating. That’s why we have an excellent reputation for repairs that solve the problem the first time. It’s also why many restaurants and kitchens or bars like to work with our team over others.

Cost savings

We work with a mission to add more value by contributing our best and trying to save your budget. Our effort is always to minimize the downtime and deliver the energy savings wherever possible. As a result, we focus on identifying small problems before they become more significant issues. Moreover, this attention to detail saves you money in the long run.

24-Hour emergency repairs

We built our business around delivering reliable repairs at any hour of the day. We deploy our workforce in and around the Portland, Oregon, region for a fast turnaround. In short, our on-time service can arrive at your restaurant faster than the competition—and deliver the results you need.

For more information about ice machine maintenance or any commercial machine repair, call our team today!

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