Things To Consider When Buying An Ice Machine For Your Business


An ice machine is simply a machine that eliminates heat from water to create ice. Creating ice instead of purchasing from an ice supplier is more practical and an affordable option. Particularly for big food establishments. Investing in a machine will also make sure the ice is potable and safe for consumption. If the machine needs service or maintenance, call Rox Services for all your ice machine repair needs.

So what are the things that should be considered when buying an ice machine for your businesses?

Ice Machine Repair

Ice needs

Each type of commercial kitchen has unique ice needs. You can calculate your ice use by multiplying the number of customers you serve a day by the number of pounds of ice a person typically needs (usually between about 4 to 7 pounds). For example, a restaurant serving an average of 75 customers per day would need between 300 to 525 pounds of ice per day.

Operating hours

This is also a pretty critical detail to take into account prior to getting the machine that you require. How long will the machine operate in a day? Would you be okay with a noisier machine or prefer a quieter one that requires more water? Knowing how long your appliance will run will let you estimate the electrical consumption this will incur as well as the potential maintenance and repairs your machine will need in the future.

Repair service

As you continue to use your ice machine, it will need repairs in the future. Always select a supplier that’s competent of offering your technical assistance in case your ice making machine breaks down.

Here at Rox Services, we are offering reliable  Ice machine repair in Portland, Oregon  and the surrounding areas. We know that an improperly functioning ice machine impacts your food inspection score and leaves a negative impression on your business. This is why we make our services available around the clock. Whether you are running a restaurant or catering facility, you can always rely on our prompt ice machine and  appliance repair in Oregon .

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