Solve Your Dishwasher Woes With Our Commercial Dishwasher Repair Services


If you are a business owner, you very well know the importance of well-functioning appliances to keep the business running smoothly, particularly in the food service industry. With any of the appliances malfunctioning, your business can come to a crashing halt. Also, this can not only be costly (in terms of lost business) but also inconvenient.

Your business can come to a crashing halt when your commercial dishwasher malfunctions. A dishwasher can reduce your staff workload staff by providing an efficient and quick way to clean dishes. And you cannot compare the power and speed of a commercial dishwasher with manual washing. Most businesses are likely to comply with local health codes and laws, which may require the commercial dishwasher to be in proper working order. Fortunately, commercial dishwasher repair is simple when you work with the professionals at Rox Services.

Commercial Dishwasher Repair

If you are living in the Portland, Oregon area and need significant repairs or regular maintenance, you can rely on our highly trained technicians to get the job done effectively and quickly. Call us at 503-509-2026 for scheduling a service appointment to get the commercial appliance repair you need.

This is an excellent way to maintain your commercial dishwasher, keeping it in top-notch condition ad reducing the risk of breakdowns in the future.

We Can Repair and Maintain:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens

Does Your Commercial Dishwasher Need Repair?

Wondering when to book for a commercial dishware repair in Portland, Oregon? We suggest you lookout for the following signs of a failing dishwasher –

  • Making noise
  • Not draining
  • Not cleaning
  • Not drying dishes
  • Hot water issue
  • Not dispensing detergent
  • Not starting
  • Not filling with water
  • Leaking
  • Tripping the electrics

If you find any of these points to be the cause of your leak, our expert technicians can help in resolving the problem.

Your dishwasher is not draining

The most common issue related to a dishwasher that is not draining is obstruction. Check for objects or food particles that are blocking the flow of water. These may be stuck in the drain slump or drain hoses. And if you recently have an interruption in electric power and your dishwasher had stopped mid-cycle, then this can also be a problem.

Your dishwasher has stopped filling

The issues related to a dishwasher that has stopped filling are often critical and require the assistance of an expert technician. The problem might occur due to any issue with your water inlet valve, timer, float, or electronic control board.

Your dishwasher is not properly cleaning dishes

This problem can be very frustrating. Try following the recommendations and instructions from your dishwasher manufacturer to clean and maintain it. If these procedures do not provide you any solution, we can help you uncover the problem and resolve it quickly.

Why Rox Services Should Be Your First Call

When you schedule a commercial dishwasher repair service with Rox Service, you will quickly discover that we are not an average appliance repair company. We offer budget-friendly rates on all of our services. We will also provide an accurate quote before we get started on any repairs as no one likes hidden fees.

With Rox Services professionals at your rescue, your business will soon be back in full swing!

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