Best Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair & Installation in Portland, Oregon


For all food industries, proper working kitchen equipment and exhaust fans are critical to the success of their business. Even the best-run commercial kitchens and equipment break down from time to time. A sudden system breakdown can be problematic and stressful besides, it can disrupt your operations for the day bringing inconvenience to your customers and your business.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair

So whether you need commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair , a new exhaust hood installation, MV fan replacement, or just need a quick, dependable kitchen exhaust and ventilation repair, we at Rox Services are always ready to assist you.At Rox Services, we offer hassle-free 24 hours commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair and replacement to help get your business running in no time. Fully functional exhaust fans are essential in commercial kitchens. In addition to extracting steam, smoke, and fumes, it also extracts oil and grease fibres. Grease that has accumulated inside the fans and motors of kitchen exhaust fans can eventually damage the impellers or motors.

Rox Services have got you covered – from commercial exhaust fan repairs and installation to quality maintenance. We have an experienced team of technicians that cater to clients in Portland, Oregon. We have a strong reputation for reliability, quality, and efficiency that has been built up over years of commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair industry experience.

Find an Expert Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair and Installation

We ensure that our company’s repair technicians are an expert when it comes to installing and repairing commercial kitchen appliance systems. Our services include but are not limited to: toasters, meat slicers, food mixers, dishwashers, coffee machines, char-grills, solid tops, broilers, steam ovens, combination ovens, food processors, tilting kettles, glasswashers, and more.

Our team members are fully trained, insured, and bonded to make sure we fix most issues properly and timely. We know how important maintaining a working kitchen is to your foodservice business, and that is why we are always available to serve you 24/7.

Along with offering commercial exhaust fan repair and installation, we provide a host of other services to ensure your commercial kitchen stays fully functional and overcomes every hindrance. Without the proper maintenance that a commercial exhaust fan system requires, even the best system will start to deteriorate and offer sub-standard performance.

That is why we offer commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair maintenance services to ensure their best working results.

A greasy kitchen exhaust fan will clog up the works in several ways than one. Deciding when to clean your exhaust fan system depends on a number of factors, but regular maintenance is essential no matter what.

Most problems associated with the improper working of exhaust fans can be directly related to untimely service and maintenance. And to ensure a trouble-free operation, a regular maintenance schedule is imperative!

Whether it is a pub, cafe, restaurant, club, or other commercial kitchens in Portland, Oregon, Rox Services’ commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair and installation services are second to none.

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Call Rox Services at 503-509-2026 for any of your  commercial kitchen equipment repair or installation needs. We will get all of the equipment running right in no time!

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