Know The Difference: Commercial Kitchen Appliance Installation Vs Repairs


When you operate a busy food service kitchen, it can be tough to know when it’s time to buy new equipment and invest in commercial kitchen appliance installation or simply have the equipment repaired.

Commercial kitchen appliance repairs

Commercial Oven Repair

If you’ve been using your commercial pizza oven for two or three years and suddenly it quits on you, don’t worry. Chances are the machine is not completely broken, but likely in need of repair instead. Most commercial kitchen appliances have a lifespan of over a decade when they are properly maintained.

Regular and heavy usage can lead to problems that may temporarily break your appliance, but skilled repair technicians can easily fix the problem. There is a never a good time for things to break in the food service industry. Profit goes down when parts are broken. Finding quick and efficient technicians is important to keep both your customers and bottom line happy.

At Rox Services, we pride ourselves on our speedy service and satisfied customers. We have on-call technicians ready to assist our clients when disaster strikes. In order to reduce the amount of wait time, we have a library of common parts at our disposal so we can quickly fix common problems. As a result, we’re able to efficiently address and resolve common problems.

Commercial kitchen appliance installation


Sometimes there are pieces of appliances that have reached the end of their lifespans and must be replaced. Sometimes, adding a new component will prevent you from having to buy a completely new appliance all together. The problem is, installations can be tricky without the proper training or tools. Certified technicians are able to step in and make the process a breeze, and also protect your warranty.

If you’re re-outfitting your commercial kitchen with brand-new appliances or if you are simply looking to upgrade a certain appliance, Rox Services has you covered.

We guarantee safe and correct installations, so let us do the heavy lifting when you’re upgrading your commercial kitchen equipment. We have the proper tools to lift heavy machinery and safely install new appliances. At Rox Services, we take the stress out of installations and allow you to focus on your business. Request service online or give us a call at 503-509-2026 .

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