The Dos And Don’ts Of Ice Machine Upkeep And Maintenance


Summer is nearly here in the Portland, Oregon, area which means temperatures are on the rise and ice is back in hot demand. No one wants to serve their customers funky ice, but not everyone knows how to perform ice machine upkeep and maintenance. If you can’t remember the last time you paid your ice machine special attention, chances are it’s been too long.

ice machine Repair

Appliances are big investments and should be well cared for to ensure their longevity. Check out the list below to get an idea of how to best care for your commercial ice machine.


  • DO regularly clean and sanitize your ice machine . Generally this involves removing all of the ice from the bin and flushing the system with a sanitizing solution, but be sure to check the owners manual for your specific machine’s guide on how to clean and sanitize your ice machine. This helps remove build up of bacteria and other gunk from within the machine to keep ice fresh. While you’re cleaning and sanitizing, remove the internal components to make sure they are included in the process as well.

  • DO change the filters regularly . Most commercial ice machines have filters that catch contaminants within them. These are important to reduce dirt and grime from entering the machine and tainting the ice. The setting and usage of the machine will dictate how often the air filters need to be changed, but they should be changed at least twice a year as a basic rule.

  • DO look for any out of place features (loose wires, odd stains). Cleaning your ice machine gives you an opportunity to inspect it. Check for loose parts while you’re servicing your machine. Mold, slime and grime can build up in ice machines that haven’t been properly maintained and pose serious risks not only to the safety of your customers but to the machine’s lifespan as well. If you start to notice a smell, stop and investigate the machine or call a professional to check it out.

  • DO listen for odd noises coming from your machine. You should be pretty familiar with the normal hum of your machine. If you start to hear strange sounds coming from your machine, there might be an internal problem. As machines wear, it’s possible for internal components to become loose and dislodge themselves, or simply become coated with a build up of grime which might affect its functionality.


  • DON’T touch any out of place internal elements. Ice machines are powerful pieces of equipment that require many internal components to operate. When they start to age or experience heavy usage, they might start to break down if they aren’t properly maintained. So, if you come across a stray component, something has gone wrong. If you notice loose wires when you are taking the machine apart to clean, it might be best to call a professional to make sure the machine is okay.

  • DON’T get water or cleaning solution in the mechanics. You don’t want to risk shorting out your machine’s electrical panel by accidentally putting water somewhere it doesn’t belong. While much of an ice machine is suited to handle moisture, there are internal mechanics that need to keep dry. Consult your owners manual before maintaining the unit on your own, or call trusted service technicians near you to help.

  • DON’T feel like you have to do it on your own. Maintaining large commercial appliances can be daunting. They’re expensive business investments and crucial to keeping a kitchen operating. If you need a hand tending to your ice machine , give the professionals at Rox Services a call to come out and help, or request service online.

Ice machine upkeep and maintenance is important for the health of your customers. Rox Services is here to help businesses take care of their machines. As certified repair professionals, we can help appliance owners get the most out of their investments and preserve them for years to come. Keeping a clean and fully functional kitchen is


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