Points To Remember When Looking For A Food Equipment Repair Company


Properly functioning appliances are vital to the successful operation of a food business. Instead of selecting the first commercial food equipment repair company you come across online, you must shortlist a few service providers and then choose the best from them. Remember, not every repair firm can do the repair right. This is why it is really important that you choose a commercial food equipment repair firm while keeping the following points in mind.

Reputation of the company:

This is perhaps the first thing to verify before choosing not just commercial food equipment repair service, but any other company you need help with. There might be reviews from previous customers, but how many complaints does the company have regarding their service? Do a bit of research online to find out how the firm works & what customers have to say about their services, pricing, behaviour, etc.

Industry experience matters:

Not only do you wish to work with a food equipment repair firm that has been in the business for many years, you also wish one with factory trained technicians who take continuing education courses. Being in the industry for 30 years does not do any good to you if they only know how to fix commercial food appliances made 30 years back and are no longer in operation.

Are their technicians insured?

Any technicians who work on your commercial food appliances must be properly insured for not just your peace of mind but theirs as well. Ensure to ask your service provider regarding this, or else you might end up paying the expenses for any damages they cause to your costly equipment.

Factory trained:

Food appliance technicians need to be factory trained & possess the know-how essential to take great care of your food equipment irrespective of what brand they belongs to. While the food appliance technician might be acquainted with the appliance he is working on, he mightn’t be accustomed about the nuances of the specific make & model of appliance, which could prompt more harm than good.


If your appliance or its parts is still under warranty, will the service provider honour it? There is no reason you need to reimburse for a defective part or equipment that should be covered under warranty. The majority of commercial appliances & parts come with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The next time you need commercial food equipment repair service, feel free to call Rox Services. We serve the restaurant and food business owners in the Portland, Oregon, area with all the food appliance and equipment repair needs. For any help, call us on 503-509-2026!

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