When Do You Know Your Commercial Ice Machine Needs Repair?


Are you running a commercial kitchen? If yes, then you want to keep all commercial kitchen appliances well-maintained and functional for years to come. Therefore, look for the signs when you need professional commercial kitchen equipment repair and the same goes for commercial ice machine.

Are you concerned about the functionality of your commercial ice machine? Or does the ice machine stop making ice? Keep in mind that, water freezing process is much tougher than it seems. Before you consider replacement, it’s well worth to determine whether you can go for commercial ice machine repair .

When do you know your commercial ice machine requires repair?

When your ice machine stops working, you obviously check the power and water supply. Apart from this, please check the following signs discussed below.

Check how much hot inside the machine.

Is your ice machine unable to handle your commercial kitchen requirements? Or does heat pocket around the machine dangerously? If yes, you should take the temperature reading. If the temperature goes above 90 degrees, the ice production can decrease dramatically. When the ambient temperatures go higher, water temperature increases accordingly. The ice machine works harder for cooling water at the accepted level to produce ice.

Check whether there is enough breathing space for your ice machine.

Space is at premium at most kitchen spaces and the ice machines require a little elbow room. Under counter ice makers and air cooled ice machine heads require at least six inches of space for airflow and producing ice efficiently.

Check whether the compressor is working overtime.

It’s the common advice for commercial kitchen owners. Check whether there are major issues with the controls, compressor, metering device, etc. If the ice making machine is old enough, it’s better to replace instead of paying for major repairs on an old machine.

Know if you clean your machine regularly.

You should cleaning your ice machine regularly and consider replacing the filter. Over the time, the scale, microscopic deposits cause your commercial ice machine to work less efficiently. It’s the main reason behind the machine failure.

Take a look at the manufacturer recommendations and clean the machine accordingly. If you want to avoid scale buildup, you should replace the filter at least once in six months. Use specially formulated scale removal products to get rid of the scale efficiently.

Check whether the condenser is clean.

Condenser coils get dusty, oily or grimy with time so that warm air can’t be filtered out effectively and away from the machine. Wipe away dust particles by using a damp cloth. Eliminating grease buildup is tough and may require a specially formulated cleaning solution.

Know whether it’s time to contact professionals for servicing.

Typically managers and business owners can consider basic troubleshooting procedures. But remember that, ice machines are quite complicated and sensitive industry standard equipment. Get your ice machine serviced annually by a professional. The experts tune up your equipment and fix any existing issues properly so that your machine operates effectively and won’t face any breakdowns in the future.

Bottom Line –

Whether you need commercial ice machine or any commercial kitchen equipment repair, feel free to contact Rox Services as soon as possible at 503-509-2026.

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