How to Maintain Your Commercial Deep Fryer? The Dos & Don’ts


Commercial deep fryers are quite helpful when it comes to cooking & frying food fast. Though these kitchen equipment can be a time-saver, but they do demands of a lot of maintenance. Keep reading this post to discover the dos & don’ts of maintaining a commercial deep fryer.

Do clean your deep fryer everyday:

As obvious as this may look, it’s often ignored. But ignoring to clean your deep fryer causes odours to any food you fry & damage to the fryer itself. You don’t wish to be recognized as a business that’s catering smelly and oily food to the customers. So ensure to clean the fryer every time you change the oil.

Don’t keep your oil at cooking temperature:

There’re going to be numerous occasions in your kitchen that things are slower than normal. If this is the scenario in your kitchen, your fryer must have a standby setting that keeps your oil at a warm temperature that easy & quick to heat but still cool enough to prolong the lifetime of your oil.

Do schedule a professional inspection:

It’s common to get caught up in the moment and ignore routine upkeep. Having a reliable firm help you keep your deep fryer up to date & functioning properly is really critical, and could save you a lot of money on expensive Commercial Deep Fryer Repair services. Professional maintenance experts can find out potential flaws that you mayn’t have noticed before.

Don’t forget to shake off ice from frozen foods:

Frozen foods are all right to fry but it can make an immense difference in the taste of the food when you’ve loads of ice crystals in your fryer. Not to say the pops & frying oil that could come from them.

Commercial deep fryers are the most important kitchen equipment in restaurants & other food businesses. It’s essential to have properly working equipment to ensure the smooth functioning of your food business. Rox Services specializes in all types of commercial kitchen equipment repair including commercial deep fryers.  Whether the problem is a broken thermostat, faulty pilot light, broken thermopile, broken oil filter or blocked burners – we have the tools and knowledge to fix your defective deep fryer as fast as possible.

Don’t let issues with your commercial deep fryer keep you from running your food business smoothly. Call the professionals at Rox Services for the fast and effective service you need, on your schedule.

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